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Changing Tides Beach Cleanup & Lunch
July 20

a person standing on a beach

Untamed daughters is a a girls-only day in Venice Beach with organizations GRLSWIRL and Changing Tides Foundation. This event is centered on bringing women together to share in a fun-filled day of surf, skate, yoga, environment & empowerment. The Butcher's Daughter was lucky enough to cater a lunch for all the women attending the event and help with a beach clean up!

a plate of food on a table

a tray of food on a table

GRLSWIRL started with the mission to empower women to get on skateboards in what can often seem like an intimidating and male-dominated sport. They are a grassroots, all-female skate community focused on uniting women through skateboarding, empowering them to break gender boundaries and inspiring them to start a revolution by harnessing inclusivity and friendship. All 9 women co-founders come from all walks of life; Kelsey Harkin, Lucy Osinski, Tobi Ann, Julia Ama, Shannon Moss, Danielle Schwartz, Lindsey Klucik, Myriah Marquez and Monroe Alvarez.

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“GRLSWIRL is driven by something we are all craving: COMMUNITY! And they understand that a vital component of community is looking outside ourselves to the needs of those around us. ”

— Sarah Wilson, Executive Director, Harvest Home LA

a man riding a skateboard down the side of a ramp

Changing Tides Foundation was born from the simple idea that the world would be a better place if we were all given the opportunity to give back. Started in 2016, by a group of water women and adventurers, who felt a responsibility to help others. They do this by teaming up with local organizations globally to raise awareness and address social, environmental, health and safety concerns in the places they visit.

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We are thrilled to have been a part of this wonderful event helping women build safe and impactful communities.