#13 Goddess of Green Juice

#13 Goddess of Green Juice

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Brandi grew her love of the culinary arts at the Natural Gourmet Institute, where she studied and interned in the kitchens of four-star restaurants like Thomas Keller’s Per Se.  Brandi earned her juice merits at Jean-George’s ABC Kitchen, where she designed fresh-pressed juices for the ABC Elixir Bar.  Heather tapped Brandi to develop the juice menu for The Butcher’s Daughter, andtogether they created a “Juice by Color” program, creating a beautiful rainbow of liquids.



The Butcher’s Daughter was envisioned and designed by founder Heather Tierney. Her design firm, Wanderlust outfitted the space as a pretty, feminine take on an old-world, masculine butcher shop. Heather loved the dichotomy of using industrial elements (concrete floors, steel metal hooks, heavy iron butcher rails) against softer, earthy materials like beached raw wood, white tile, brick and greenery growing out of an old chicken coop.

Heather has also led the design of the new Abbot Kinney flagship, highlighted by a 50 foot communal dining center and espresso bar, a vegetable butcher and raw bar and California lifestyle market. Heathers latest design project, Bungalow and Breakfast, is a sun-blasted, private guest house on the ocean fed Venice Canals. Every nights stay comes with a complimentary breakfast at the Abbot Kinney restaurant nearby.