Heather Tierney,
Founder & Creative Director

The Butcher’s Daughter was envisioned and created by founder Heather Tierney.  Heather has always had a passion for healthy food and juice, and especially loves wandering through local vegetable and fruit markets. She got inspired to start juicing after coming up with ideas for exotic cocktails for Apothéke, her cocktail bar in New York’s Chinatown.  When she opened her first location (conveniently within footsteps of her NYC loft), she knew the menu had to have one staple item - the best avocado toast in the city.

Heather is first and foremost a designer - and one that happens to love designing restaurants and bars. She leads the design for all of The Butcher’s Daughter restaurants, infusing what she calls “a blend of feminine and masculine energy.” Her design firm, Wanderlust outfitted each space as a pretty, refreshing take on an old-world butcher shop. Heather loves the dichotomy of using industrial elements (concrete floors, steel metal hooks, heavy iron butcher rails) against softer, earthy materials like beached raw wood, white brick and greenery growing out of an old chicken coop.

Heather’s latest design project, Bungalow and Breakfast, is a sun-blasted, private guest house on the ocean fed Venice Canals in Los Angeles. 

meet our food & Juice chefs

RICHARD REA, Executive Chef

Richard spent much of his early career cooking meat—from running his own food truck to cooking for private clients—and most recently as Sous Chef at the Superba Restaurant Group. However Richard’s passion has always been utilizing the best produce available, and his cooking soon turned toward championing vegetarian fare.  At The Butcher’s Daughter, Richard utilizes the traditional and haute techniques he acquired along the way, by swapping out beef for vegetables in beet tartare and ground white-bean & fennel for sausages.

PERRY LEDESMA, Executive Bread & Pastry Chef

Perry fell in love with pastry at a young age, helping his mother create layers of phillo pastry. Later on, he decided to learn how to bake from the best, landing an acclaimed apprenticeship at Thomas Keller’s infamous Bouchon Bakery. After honing his skills in classic French pastry, Perry joined our culinary team at The Butcher’s Daughter as Executive Bread & Pastry chef, where bakes over 100 loaves of bread daily, and oversees an array of housemade vegan desserts. His morning pastries include our famous Huckleberry muffin and vegan recipe of the classic French croissant.

BRANDI KOWALSKI, Head Juiceologist

Brandi grew her love of the culinary arts at the Natural Gourmet Institute, where she studied and interned in the kitchens of four-star restaurants like Thomas Keller’s Per Se.  Brandi earned her juice merits at Jean-George’s ABC Kitchen, where she designed fresh-pressed juices for the ABC Elixir Bar.  Heather tapped Brandi to develop the juice menu for The Butcher’s Daughter, and  together they created a “Juice by Color” program, creating a beautiful rainbow of liquids.


meet our operational TEAM

KARI HENDRICK, Director of Operations, Los Angeles 
Kari’s entry intro the restaurant world was through the wine industry, where she worked as an importer of small production and boutique wines from around the world.  Kari passion soon turned to the restaurant industry, where she could blend her love of viticulture with food, service and design.  Heather quickly became Kari’s mentor of all of these things, and together they opened The Butcher’s Daughter in Venice, the flagship location.  Here, Kari personally selects each bottle of wine that appears in house or on the shelves of our front market and wine shop.